What can be done to help children with ADHD?

Children with ADHD have special needs. If you suspect your child has ADHD, take him or her to your pediatrician. Pediatricians have the training to coordinate services to meet the child’s needs, either alone or along with a specialist in childhood behavioral disorders. These doctors may be able to coordinate the following services to help the child with ADHD: [1]

Special educational accommodations:
Accommodations may include placing the child in areas with fewer distractions, providing a very structured school environment, or providing areas where the child may release extra energy.

This discipline helps people with ADHD to like and accept themselves despite their disorder.

Cognitive behavioral therapy
This discipline helps people with ADHD work on their immediate psychosocial issues. Rather than helping people understand their feelings and actions, it supports them directly in changing their behavior.

Prescription medications:
These may include medications such as Ritalin.

Social skills training:
This can also help children learn new behaviors. In social skills training, the therapist discusses and models appropriate behaviors like waiting for a turn, sharing toys, asking for help, or responding to teasing, then gives children a chance to practice.