Prepare Data

To run this analysis, you need:
  • A set of participants who viewed the same stimulus
  • Data indicating when each participant blinked
Blink data must be saved in a csv file. There are two acceptable formats:
  1. One subject per column
    1. Each column contains data from one participant
    2. Each row is a sample
      1. Data should be collected at a constant sample rate
      2. Samples should be aligned in time across participants
    3. There are three acceptable values:
      1. 1 indicates that a blink was occurring at a sampled time point
      2. 0 indicates no blink
      3. NaN indicates lost data (i.e. unknown whether the participant was blinking)
  2. Three column format
    1. Each blink (from all subjects) appears in a separate row
    2. Three columns (in the following order, no header row):
      1. Participant identifier – unique to each participant (numeric value)
      2. Blink start – sample when blink began (integer)
      3. Blink end – sample when blink ended (integer)
    3. If this format is selected, you need to specify the length of the data collected, in number of samples