Year 1

First year fellows will acquire all the basic cognitive and technical skills for the compassionate care of acutely ill and injured children. Each fellow will develop his or her skill in obtaining an accurate history and physical assessment of their patients as well as developing and carrying out plans for the management and disposition of each patient. First year fellows should develop competence in technical skills such as advanced resuscitation and airway management, percutaneous central intravenous lines, intraosseous needle placement, splinting, and advanced wound care. First year fellows are expected to obtain PALS, ACLS and ATLS certification. The first year schedule is noted below:

Emergency Medicine (PEM) 5 blocks
Anesthesia 1 block
Critical care 1 block
Adult EM/Procedures 1 block
Emergency ultrasound 1 block*
Orthopedics/ Sports Medicine 1 block
Research 2 blocks
Toxicology 1 block**

1 block

* 2 week rotation
** 3 week rotation

Year 2

The second year fellow will acquire more complex procedural skills as well as develop increased independence in decision making regarding medically complex and high acuity patients. Increased supervising and clinical education of medical students and residents will be expected as well. Second year fellows often become PALS instructors. The second year schedule is noted below:
Emergency Medicine (PEM) 5 blocks
Adult Emergency Medicine/Emergency Ultrasound 1 block
Child Advocacy/Protection 1 block
Research 6 blocks

Year 3

The third year fellow will have all the necessary skills and knowledge to care for the most ill and injured children. The fellow will concentrate on aiding in the flow and overall management of the emergency department with the attending physicians. Fellows will be expected to take the lead on medical and trauma resuscitations as well as take calls from referring institutions during this period of training. The third year schedule is noted below:
Emergency Medicine (PEM) 5 blocks
Adult Emergency Medicine 1 block
Emergency Medical Service 1 block
Research/ Electives 6 blocks

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