Mission and Vision

The Division of Pediatric Emergency Medicine is dedicated to

A) Providing children in our community - regardless of their ability to pay - timely, cost efficient and quality access to pediatric emergency and urgent care services

B) Serving as a tertiary care pediatric emergency medicine resource for the surrounding communities

C) Providing an environment, which promotes the interests of our specialty and is:

  •  Professionally satisfying
  •  Conducive to long term stability
  •  Economically sound
  •  Intellectually stimulating
  •  Educationally productive
  •  Clinically efficient and cost effective 
  •  Open to career development opportunities
  •  Commensurate in matching responsibility and authority for department operations

D) Providing professional educational resources and commitment matched to those of Emory University School of Medicine and the Children's Healthcare of Atlanta for the support of undergraduate and graduate medical education to develop motivated, industrious, enthusiastic and knowledgeable physicians and other health care professionals

E) Providing administrative expertise in the field of Pediatric Emergency Medicine to Emory University School of Medicine and Children's Healthcare of Atlanta at Egleston

F) Conducting research that advances the field of Pediatric Emergency Medicine.

Our vision is to become one of the premier Pediatric Emergency Medicine divisions in the country.