The Division of Pediatric Emergency Medicine at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta and Emory University is recognized as one of the premier academic programs in its field and has been involved extensively with local, national and international collaborative research endeavors. These efforts span the entire spectrum from works and publications with the local primary care network Kids Health First through national and international research collaborations (examples: Emerg IDNet, NEXUS, PEM Collaborative Research Network).

Areas of interest and research include International Medicine, Comparative Effectiveness, Quality, Resource Utilization, and Outcomes Based Research. This has led to numerous high level and impact driven publications, presentations, and grants that have helped shape the field of Pediatric Emergency Medicine. Most recently, one of our fellows was featured on a Wall Street Journal Live webcast regarding her work on cold medicine preparations and patient outcomes.

The following are few representative areas of research for the division.

International Medicine and Global Health

The group has worked closely with the Global Health Initiative at Emory, the Department of Emergency Medicine and other key stakeholders in order to promote and develop pediatric emergency services abroad in Central America and Europe. Most recently work with USAID developed pediatric emergency medicine in Tbilisi, Georgia. An example of ongoing work includes the presentation "Surgical Consultation for Laceration Repair in a Recently Established Pediatric Emergency Department in The Country of Georgia: Do initial Education Efforts By US Collaborators Lead to Sustainable Process Improvements?" Lanski S, et al. presented at the Society for Academic Emergency Medicine Annual Meeting in New Orleans, LA. May 2009.

Multi-Centered Collaborations

There is a long and continued history of collaborative and multi-centered research from the division. An example is the National Emergency X-Ray Utilization Study Group (NEXUS study), a prospective multicenter study of cervical spine injury in children , which is the largest evaluation of C-spine injuries and their management in children. At present the group is engaged with the Pediatric Emergency Care Network (PECARN) on an NIH submission entitled Progesterone for Traumatic Brain Injury in Children: Planning a Safety and Efficacy Trial. Other examples include work with the Child Health Corporation of America (CHCA) Research Network evaluating resource utilization and emergency department care (Surge in 25 Children's Hospital Emergency Departments Sills MR, Hall M, Simon HK, et al. Pediatric Academic Societies, Vancouver May 2010), and an ongoing project with the Pediatric Research in Emergency Departments International Collaborative evaluating Predictors of Severity of H1N1 Infection at Hospital Presentation.