Our Fellows

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Current Fellows:

Dr. Hannah Lee

Medical School: Texas Tech Paul L Foster School of Medicine
Residency Program: University of Chicago Medical Center
What do you love about the fellowship program/Why did you choose this fellowship?:

I learned how to be a solid hospitalist and general pediatrician during residency. I chose this fellowship to gain additional knowledge and skills to take care of patients in the intermediate setting. Oftentimes, children are not sick enough to be admitted but would take up too many resources in a general pediatrician's fast-paced office. There are many diseases in surgical subspecialties that general pediatricians are expected to manage, but oftentimes we don't have the time during residency to fill in those knowledge gaps. Through the subspecialty and procedure rotations during the fellowship, I have been able to hone my procedural skills to become a more efficient pediatrician for the future. Additionally, by joining the Emory Pediatric Emergency Medicine/Urgent Care group, I have had the opportunity to transition to an attending while having the support of the PEM faculty right next to you when you need them! I'm thankful for the opportunity to be a part of a collegial group of providers who care for each other while also serving the community to provide excellent patient care.


Dr. Vinita Chandwani

What do you love about the fellowship program/Why did you choose this fellowship?:

I chose this fellowship because I felt it was a great transition from residency to being an attending. You still get the best of both worlds! While you are working your clinical shifts, you see your own patients, bill for those patients and have all the autonomy; you do not need to staff your patients with anyone but there are plenty of experienced colleagues around for you to ask questions you may have. On the other hand, you get to do rotations in areas where you feel you would like additional training. For example, I felt like I needed more training in the Orthopedics/Sports medicine and fracture management. This fellowship has allowed me to learn from Pediatric Orthopedic and Sports medicine specialists directly while rotating with them in their clinics which I found to be invaluable to my practice.
Dr. Katherine Pyburn Dureau

Medical School: Louisiana State University
Residency Program: University of Alabama
What do you love about the fellowship program/Why did you choose this fellowship?:

While residency helped me establish a solid foundation in general pediatrics, I chose this fellowship simply because I wanted to gain additional knowledge and skills specifically as it pertains to taking care of children in the acute / urgent care setting. The outpatient rotations that take place mainly in surgical subspecialty clinics have been especially helpful in filling knowledge gaps. Through weekly didactic sessions, common emergency medicine topics are reviewed and discussed. I’ve also been able to refine my current procedural skill set as well as develop new skills through workshops and dedicated ultrasound and procedural rotations. Through the support and guidance of the Emory Peds EM faculty and University as a whole, I’ve been offered countless academic opportunities to further my career and education. Overall, this fellowship has definitely helped me become a better clinician for all the children and families that I have the opportunity to serve each and every day.
Dr. Nehal Bhandari

Medical School: Medical College of Georgia
Residency Program: Emory University
What do you love about the fellowship program/Why did you choose this fellowship?:

Post-residency, I knew I wanted to work in urgent care but did not feel prepared enough to work in a high acuity emergency department. This fellowship allowed me to supplement and enrich my residency learning. Some of the most useful rotations were the sedation, orthopedics/sports medicine, and procedure blocks. I also loved the weekly fellows conference (didactic lectures + simulations) that I participated in with the PEM fellows. Now that I am finished with the urgent care fellowship, I feel much more confident working in an academic peds ED. It was a year well spent!