Adult Phlebotomy Study

Age range: 19-64 years of age

Study criteria: Healthy adults who are within range to donate up to 100 cc of blood.

Contact email:

Contact Phone number: 404-727-4044

Study Description

To obtain blood specimens from volunteers to:

  • Study infectious disease (i.e, bacterial, viral, and parasitic) replication.
  • Develop, evaluate and validate assays used to detect pathogens.
  • Develop, evaluate and validate assays used to assess immunologic response to vaccines and infection.

Who Can Participate?

Healthy adults 19 to 64 years of age

What is Involved?

The study involves 1 clinic visit at Emory Children’s Center, which will range from 15-30 minutes, and will range on an as needed basis. 

This study is free. To say thank you, families will be compensated for their time and participation.