Milestones: Ten to Twelve Months

Remember to use your child's corrected age when comparing her accomplishments to a developmental chart! If your baby has been generally healthy since discharge from the hospital you can expect she will:

  • carry out a simple action on verbal request. For example, wave "bye" when she hears the word. She no longer has to see someone wave first.
  • purposefully say "mama" and/or "dada" as a greeting or to call a parent to her.
  • play with an object with both hands while sitting independently.
  • independently move herself across the floor to get a desired object.
  • pull to stand and cruise holding onto furniture or an adult's hand.
  • pick up small objects with thumb and fingers.
  • try to communicate by pointing or reaching for what she wants.
  • turn the pages of a board or thick plastic book.
  • visually and manually explore toys, revealing a growing curiosity.
  • indicate recognition of familiar people by facial expression or by physically approaching the familiar person.
  • use both hands equally well.

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