Milestones: Thirteen to Eighteen Months

Remember to use your child's corrected age when comparing her accomplishments to a developmental chart! If your baby has been generally healthy since nursery discharge you can expect she will:

  • be able to scribble with a large crayon (if she can keep from putting it in her mouth).
  • walk alone with heels flat on the floor.
  • feed herself finger foods and begin to try to use a spoon.
  • walk up stairs with one hand held.
  • use a vocabulary of four to ten words.
  • follow simple verbal directions to perform a single task. For example, "Give me the ball."
  • coordinate the use of both hands well. For example, hold a container in one hand while putting something into it with the other.
  • respond to her name.
  • "talk" in long, jabbering sentences as if holding an understandable conversation with you.
  • point to at least two pictures on request.
  • use her thumb and first finger easily to pick up a very small object.
  • throw a ball easily.

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