4 months

At the four-month visit a medical team member, physical therapist and social worker will see you and your child. It is very important that you keep this appointment. If, for any reason, you cannot keep this appointment call the number on your appointment slip and reschedule.
A parent/primary caregiver needs to be present during this visit. If you have twins, two adults should come to this appointment so that one adult can stay with each child during each part of the visit and the children can be seen simultaneously. If only one parent can come to clinic, each twin should be scheduled separately. Having a parent/primary caregiver present is important for making your child feel comfortable. It is also important for you to tell us what you have seen your child do at home and what your concerns may be.

Physical Examination: A member of our medical team, which consists of pediatric nurse practitioners, neonatologists and pediatricians, will see you and your child at each visit. They will try to answer any questions you may have about the medical problems your child experienced in the NICU. The medical personnel will perform a physical examination paying particular attention to your child's growth patterns, reflexes, motor movements and tone. These are areas that can reveal early signs of neurodevelopmental problems.

Physical Therapist Evaluation: The physical therapist will assess your infant's muscle tone, movement patterns and ability to tolerate interaction with people and objects. The therapist will ask you about your infant's behaviors at home, as well as sleep and feeding patterns. The therapist’s expertise working with infants who have spent time in the NICU and knowledge of normal growth and development will help in evaluating how your infant is progressing. At the end of this session the therapist will offer suggestions to help with any area of concern that has been noted.

Social Worker Visit: The social worker from our team will meet with each family at least once in the child's first year of life. The purpose of the social worker's interview is to identify sources of support for families and to determine if all appropriate resources are being made available to each family. Any family can request to see the social worker during a clinic visit. Our social worker is always available by phone.

Summary: At the end of your visit you will be given feedback regarding any areas of concern that the staff noted. A written report will be sent to your child's primary health care provider.

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