Three Years

When appointments are scheduled between 36 and 48 months corrected age, a developmental team member and a medical provider will see your child. A social worker and nutritionist will also be available as needed.

Developmental Evaluation: A preschool readiness screen will be administered. You will also be asked to discuss any concerns you may have about your child’s behavior, sleep, and/or eating habits. If your child is already in preschool, we will want to discuss with you how he or she is responding to the preschool experience. If your child is not in preschool, our screening can help you decide what type preschool setting would be most beneficial.

Physical Examination: Some children who were born prematurely or who had certain medical complications at birth will need to continue with close medical supervision. How often your baby will be seen by his/her PNP will be based on your child's medical needs.

Nutritional Consultation: Our nutritionist is available to discuss normal variation in eating for pre-school children. In addition the nutritionist can help with advice on supplements for children who are not growing properly and children who have significant feeding problems.

Social Work Visit: Our social worker is available to help families secure services or locate programs for their children.

Summary: You will be given feedback at the end of the session. In addition, several weeks after this visit you will receive a written report. This report will describe how your child performed during the visit, and it will list any recommendations we may have made. If between visits you become concerned about any area of your child's development, we urge you to call us. If the problem cannot be handled over the phone, we may request to see your child, or we may suggest an appointment with an outside specialist. Please use us as a resource for helping your child.

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