Between 18 and 48 months

When appointments are scheduled between 18 and 48 months a developmental team member, PNP, and social worker will see your child.

Developmental Evaluation:  Evaluations will be scheduled based on the concerns identified at the 12 and 18-month testing.  If no areas of concern have been identified for your child through 18 months your child may not be scheduled for the next evaluation until 48 months.  If areas of concern have been identified by 18 months your child will be scheduled for another assessment at 30 months.   After 30 months, further visits will be scheduled depending on the nature of your child's problems.

Physical Examination:  A member of our medical team will address any medical issues that may have arisen since your last visit at the clinic.  They will again perform a physical examination.

Social Work Visit: Our social worker is available to help families secure services or locate programs for their children.

Summary: You will be given feedback at the end of the session.  In addition, several weeks after this visit you will receive a written report.  This report will describe what your child did for us and it will list any recommendations we may have made.

If between visits you become concerned about any area of your child's development, we urge you to call us.  If the problem can not be handled over the phone, we may request to see your child, or we may suggest an appointment with an outside specialist. Please use us as a resource for helping your child.

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