Four to Six Years

Children are seen between 4 and 6 years of age by a developmental team member and a medical provider. A social worker and nutritionist may also see your child.

Developmental/Educational Evaluation: The focus of these visits will be on identifying strengths and weaknesses that will be important for school functioning. We will help you look at your child’s current school placement and make recommendations if your child does not seem to be responding well to the educational instruction being provided. We also screen for any difficulties with behavior or social development at this visit. We will need a parent present to provide information on home and school functioning. Please do not bring other children to this visit. Other children cannot be permitted to remain in the room during testing as they distract the child being tested. Please make sure your child is well-rested and has already had breakfast prior to the appointment.

Physical Examination: Some children who were born prematurely or who had certain medical complications at birth will need to continue with close medical supervision. How often your baby will be seen by his/her PNP will be based on your child's medical needs.

Nutritional Consultation: Our nutritionist is available to discuss normal variation in eating for young children. In addition, the nutritionist can help with advice on supplements for children who are not growing properly and children who have significant feeding problems.

Social Work Visit: Our social worker is available during most clinics to help families secure services or locate programs for their children.

Summary: You will be given feedback at the end of the session. In addition, several weeks after this visit you will receive a written report. This report will summarize our findings and it will list any recommendations we may have made. If between visits you become concerned about any area of your child's development, we urge you to call us. If the problem cannot be handled over the phone, we may request to see your child, or we may suggest an appointment with an outside specialist. Please use us as a resource for helping your child.

Special note: Your child’s final visit with our clinic will usually be scheduled between 5 and 6 years of age. Our goal is to have identified any ongoing, long-term developmental issues prior to discharging your child from our program. Some learning problems do not emerge until later in development. We will provide you with information to address any emerging difficulties we suspect as well as information on what to watch for as your child matures.

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