Attention Worksheet #1


Children who are impulsive and active need help with learning how to focus their attention on one task for increasingly longer periods of time.  One strategy parents can employ to help a child who is very busy and/or impulsive is to build routines.  The child should have a flexible but generally set bedtime, nap time and time to eat.  Whenever possible talk to the child about any big change in her routine beforehand.  The child needs to know what to expect and what will be expected of her.   Keep the house rules simple, clear and appropriate for the child's age.  In time, these routines should help the child become more in control of her behavior.  If the child is hungry, overtired or overstimulated she may become more active, impulsive and behaviorally difficult to manage.  Recognizing and responding in a proactive manner to early signs of fatigue or hunger can aid in heading off these behaviors.  For further suggestions on behavior management click here.

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