Schedule for Appointments

The main purpose of the DPC is to monitor the development of children who were cared for in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU).  At hospital discharge we often do not know which children will have problems that could interfere with growth, walking, talking or learning.  Some infants may have subtle problems with movement, feeding and/or sleep.  Other infants will not have any problems.   Still others may have severe delays.  Early identification of problems allows for services to be provided at a time when they can do the most good.

The visits to our clinic will provide you with information about your child's current development.  If problems are identified during one of these visits additional testing and/or services may be recommended.  Our recommendations can range from an appointment to see a medical specialist, such as a pediatric ophthalmologist for a vision assessment, to a physical therapy evaluation for motor problems.

There are several follow-up schedules we adhere to.  Please click on the description that best describes your child's follow-up.

  1. Developmental Follow-up Schedule (offered at both CHOA Hughes Spaulding and Emory Children's Center). My child receives developmental follow-up only through a DPC clinic and receives primary medical care (checkups, immunzations, etc.) from another physician or clinic.
  2. Primary Health Care and Developmental Follow-up Schedule (available only at CHOA Hughes Spaulding). My child receives primary medical care (checkups and immunizations, etc.) and developmental follow-up from the DPC at Hughes Spalding Hospital.

For appointments or additional information, contact Vickie Reid or Jacquelyn Walton at 404-778-1450.

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