Development of Children over 18 months

Beyond infancy, it becomes difficult to make a list of definitive developmental milestones that must be met by a certain date.  The range of how children do things and when they accomplish developmental tasks becomes broader, largely due to the increasing influence of culture and experience.  This makes it hard to put this section into the format we have used for our developmental milestones section. Therefore, we will provide you with several different ways to look at the development of young children over 18 months. We hope you will find this useful in deciding how to address developmental difficulties your child may experience.

Growth Issues

Growth of the Prematurely Born Child

Language Development

Building Language Skills
Alternative Communication (Encouraging Language in Speech Delayed Children)
Suggestions for Improving Behavior of Children with Language Delays

Emotional Development/Behavior Issues

Suggestions to Help the Frequently Hospitalized Child
Attention and Activity Level
Alternatives to Physical Punishment
Time-Out That Works
Suggestions for Managing Behavior of Children with Language Delays and/or Hearing Loss

Learning Differences

Understanding Differences in Learning ("All Kinds of Minds")
Developmental/IQ Testing
Preparing for the IEP - Tips For Parents (NCLD)
Personalized Learning

Children with Special Needs

How do "impairment," "disability," and "handicap" differ?
Comeunity: Children's Disabilities and Special Needs
North American Riding for the Handicapped Association
Georgia Resources

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