Ideas for Children With Tactile Sensory Issues

Sheena L. Carter, Ph.D.

  • If the ridges in the toes of socks bother your child, try turning them inside out.
  • Try removing labels from clothes that some children finding irritating.
  • If your child has trouble excepting foods with new textures, try adding tastes they already like as you gradually change the texture of the food.
  • Many children who will not accept a new texture (with the hands or mouth) from someone else, are much more willing if they are allowed to have control over the material or food.  That is, make the material or food available and let the child decide when and how to touch it or taste it.
  • Make sure that the child gets much more praise and attention for trying new things than for avoiding them.  (For example, if you find yourself spending most of your meal time fussing over the child for NOT eating, make a conscious effort to change your strategy to praising any small attempts and ignoring avoidance.  Try not to talk about the child's unusual avoidant behaviors when the child is around; but make opportunities to mention and praise any new positive behavior.)
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