Meet Our Extended Team Members

Children's Healthcare of Atlanta

Pediatric Nephrology Team Members

& Our Emory Transplant Surgery and Pediatric Urology Colleagues

Pediatric Nephrologists

Larry Greenbaum, MD, PhD, Division Director

Barry Warshaw, MD, Fellowship Program Director

Donald L. Batisky, MD

Stephanie Jernigan, MD

Pamela Winterberg, MD

Rouba Garro, MD

Roshan P. George, MD, Assoc. Fellowship Program Dir.

H. Stella Shin, MD

Chia-shi Wang, MD

Sabina Kennedy, MD

Pediatric Nephrology Fellows

Loretta Reyes, MD – PGY-6

Karezhe Mersha, M.D. – PGY-5

K’Joy Simms, MD – PGY-5

Jackson Londeree, DO – PGY-4

Catherine Park, MD – PGY-4

Transplant Surgeons

Christian Larsen, MD, PhD

Thomas Pearson, MD, PhD

Kenneth Newell, MD, PhD

Paul Tso, MD

Nicole Turgeon, MD

Andrew Adams, MD, PhD

Ronald Parsons, MD

Idelberto “Raul” Badell, MD

William Kitchens, MD, PhD

Denise Lo, MD

Joseph Magliocca, MD

Raymond Lynch, MD, MS

Transplant Surgical Fellows

Douglas Anderson, MD

Austin Schenk, MD, PhD

Jakub Woloszyn, MD, PhD

Renal Transplant Coordinators

Camille Echols, BSN

Debbie Stearns, BSN, CCTC

Kidney Transplant Ped. Nurse Practitioner

Rachel Mullis, DSN, PNP

Chronic Renal Insufficiency Care Coordinators

Lynne Miles, BSN

Hypertension Care Coordinator

Rhodina Jones, BSN, CPN

Nephrology Nurse Practitioner

Lindsay Armstrong, RN, CPNP

Transplant Pharmacist

Rochelle Liverman, Pharm.D.

Staci Glumova, Pharm. D.

Nephrology Child Life Specialist

Ellie Armstrong

Nephrology Office Nurses

Vernon Griffith, LPN

Toni-Marie Partridge, RN

Carolyn Mitchell, RN

Lisa Palm, RN, MS

Nephrology Office Administrative Assistant

Alicia Boswell

Elizabeth (Liz) Shuler

Nephrology Fellowship Program Coordinator

Mary Jane Polizzotto, BBA

Research Coordinators

Margret Kamel, PhD, MSPH, CCRC

Brian Lee, BS

Helina Iyob-Tessema, BS

Segun Adgeabo, BS

Transplant Services Administrator

Laura Williams, RN

Transplant Services, CKD and HTN Manager

Lynn Sherrer, BSN, MN, PNP

Transplant Program Data Coordinator

Charlene Harris, BBA

Transplant Psychologist

Gloria Chaing, PhD


Melissa Connor

Christine Benedetti

Pediatric Urology Colleagues

Emily Blum, MD

Wolfgang Cerwinka, MD

James Elmore, MD

Michael Louis Garcia-Roig, MD

Andrew Kirsch, MD

Hal Scherz, MD

Edwin Smith, MD

Pediatric Urology Fellows

Michelle A. Lightfoot, MD

Aylin Bilgutay, MD

Transplant Social Worker

David Cooper, MSW, LCSW

CKD Clinic Social Worker

David Cooper, MSW, LCSW

Transplant Services Educator

Dawn Johnson, BSN, RN,CPN,CCTN

Outpatient Educator – Jennifer Ellison, RN