Your comments will be reviewed and an attempt will be made to incorporate valid suggestions into the Emory Pediatric Neurology Teaching Syllabus. Replys to e-mail will be possible only to limited number of submissions and only to those who provide identifying information about themself (if they and their e-mail address are not members of the Child Neurologic Community.) Feedback by e-mail now. Participation in this project by submission of a clinical observation or identificatin of a pertinent link is also welcome.

This project is supported by a grant from the University Teaching Committee of Emory University. Time support and encouragement is provided from the Chief of the division of Child Neurology, Dr. John Sladky, and the Chairman of the Department of Pediatrics, Dr. Devn Cornish. I want to thank them from the begining for their support for this project.

This Teaching Syllabus is an effort to have an accessible source of basic Pediatric Neurology information for all interested learners of the art of Pediatric Neurology. This syllabus will be updated, edited, and linked to other Web sites that are appropriate to offer information and insight into Pediatric Neurologic Medicine and care. This is a starting point for a Web based reference to Pediatric Neurology that will evolve as time and support allow.

This teaching syllabus is intended as web-based collection of basic Pediatric Neurology information to be accessed by interested learners. This is not a substitute for or offer to provide Pediatric Neurologic care. The goal is to provide an up-to-date, accurate information to learn and better appreciate Pediatric Neurology. Links from these web pages are provided to expand the content of this syllabus and to offer varied opinions about Pediatric Neurology issues. The authors in no way take responsibility for the ever changing content of the links or changes in medical facts and opinions that develop over time. Feedback is desired and will be reviewed, incorporated and updated as appropriate.