Teaching Competition

Teaching Competition
Department of Pediatrics
Emory University

Since 2003 the Department of Pediatrics of Emory University has sponsored an annual event known as the Fellowship Teaching Competition. This unique program features representatives from fellowships in the department who compete for a trophy and prizes for who can design and deliver the best mini-lecture. The purpose of the event is to both showcase talented teachers in the department and to demonstrate effective ways to design and deliver a medical lesson. Three judges rank the contestants based on the following criteria:

Purpose: were goals and objectives clearly stated?
Organization: was the presentation easy to follow?
Attention: were creative/effective strategies used to gain attention?
Retention: were teaching points emphasized in the talk & summarized?
Time efficiency: appropriate amount of material?
Audio-Visual Aids: appropriate & effective vs distracting?

Pitch: Was the voice frequency comfortable & engaging for the listener?
Pace: Was pace of speaking comfortable and engaging for the listener?
Posture: Did body language convey enthusiasm & engage the audience or distract?
Energy: Did the delivery convey enthusiasm and a sense of importance of the topic?
Preparation: Well rehearsed/prepared & presented?

The event is typically held in the spring. For further information please contact the Pediatric Fellowship Committee Coordinator Mary Jane Pollizotto at 404-727-2677 or mkell10@emory.edu