Teaching Symposium

Teaching Symposium
Fellowships in the Department of Pediatrics
Emory University and Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta

Mission Statement

Teaching is a complex and personal art. Academic medical institutions have long emphasized the importance of having a command of the subject matter as the primary reflection or measure of effective teaching. Our experience as learners in the field of medicine has shown us that effective teaching calls on far more than a comprehensive understanding of the material. Conveying new information to adult learners requires skills not usually taught and talents not often rewarded in medicine. Effective teaching requires an integration of skills in speaking, an understanding of the learners and the learning process and an organization of teaching points with clear and useful objectives. Academic physicians can improve upon their teaching talents and skills using concepts advanced by leaders in the field of adult learning.


The Teaching Symposium is a multifaceted interactive educational program. Each session is devoted to specific aspects of different medical learning environments. Learners will grow in their understanding of effective teaching if they actively engage in class discussions, read the materials provided and practice new techniques.

The first half of the symposium is oriented to adult learning theory and concepts with an emphasis on small group interactions. The second half of the symposium will emphasize speaking skills and adjuncts to improving learner attention and retention of information. The course will conclude mini-lecture presentations that incorporate concepts advanced in this course.

Goals for the Teaching Symposium

After participating actively in these seminars and completing recommended readings and activities, fellows will be able to:
  1. apply principles of teaching to different learning audiences and settings
  2. design a teaching portfolio
  3. design and deliver a quality formal presentation.
  4. critically evaluate educational events and programs
Teaching Symposium
  1. Teaching in Medicine
  2. Understanding Adult Learning
  3. Precepting: Models for Teaching through Patient Encounters
  4. Small Group Learning Dynamics
  5. Feedback vs Evaluation
  6. Planning a Lesson
  7. Audiovisual Tools:
  8. Public Speaking: Pace, Pitch and Presence