Resident Leadership

Two Assistant Program Directors (“Big Chiefs”) are selected to spend an additional year after the completion of their training leading the residents. Their primary role is to function as an advocate for the residents and as a liaison between residents and the program administration. They also serve as attending physicians on the General Pediatrics wards and in Continuity Clinic and have a critical role in teaching residents and medical students in our Morning Report.

The residents elect 4 of the third year residents to serve 3 rotations each as Chief Residents (“Little Chiefs”). They aid the Assistant Program Directors with a variety of teaching and administrative responsibilities.
Residents also elect 2-3 representatives from each class to serve on the Resident Advisory Committee (RAC). These representatives meet monthly with the program administration and select faculty to address issues pertinent to residency training.

A Word from the Chiefs

Welcome to Emory! We hope you will enjoy learning more about our training program, and all the things that make it unique. We wanted to highlight a few of the aspects that we value the most about Emory Pediatrics.

First and foremost, it is the people that really make the program what it is. Our residents come from diverse backgrounds, both personally and professionally, but all share the common goals of becoming excellent pediatricians and providing the best care possible to the children we serve. We have fun together and work hard together, and learn new things from each other every day! We have a large faculty, including many leaders in their fields, who provide teaching, research opportunities, and mentoring, to help our residents advance their careers.

Next, we take care of wonderful children and families from all over Georgia, and we get to work in a variety of clinical settings that allow us to really experience the breadth of pediatrics. From our downtown Atlanta primary care clinic, to our safety net hospital, to our tertiary care children’s hospital network, to our private practice community partners, we get to experience a range of practice settings, and take care of children with an enormous variety of medical conditions. Our program is committed to serving the most vulnerable kids in our city and state, so we also learn every day about the complex social conditions that contribute to our patients’ health, and try to find ways to improve them.

Whether you have plans to practice general pediatrics or pursue a subspecialty fellowship, we think you will find that our program has lots to offer you. We would love to answer your questions and hope that you will consider coming to visit us, so you can really see why Emory Pediatrics is so great.

Dan Tucker, MD
Lauren King, MD