Program Outcomes

The graduates of the Emory Pediatrics Training Program obtain excellent positions in the field of their choice. The Program has a Primary Care Career Night to aid residents as they begin to seek their subsequent positions. Faculty members and the program administration mentor residents through the application processes and advise them as they evaluate their options.

Career Destinations of Graduates 2012- 2017
Types of Fellowships and Location of Fellowships Obtained



Other Sites

BDP Denver, South Carolina, CHOP
Cardiology 3 Vanderbilt, Iowa, Northwestern, Boston Children’s, U of Florida
Critical Care Medicine 8 Cincinnati, Denver, Stanford, Vanderbilt, UCSF, DC Children’s, Cornell , Northwestern
Emergency Medicine 3 Cincinnati, Baylor, Medical College of GA
Endocrinology Nationwide, Arizona
Gastroenterology 2 Baylor, Houston
Hematology/Oncology 3 Baylor, CHOP, Minnesota, Johns Hopkins, NYU
Hospitalist 5 Case Western
Infectious Diseases 2 U of Utah, Wisconsin
Neonatology 5 Denver, U of Washington, UAB, DC Children’s, Vanderbilt
Sports Medicine Boston, Hawaii