Faculty, Staff, and Fellow/Resident/Postdoc

Pete Lollar   MD


Department of Pediatrics, Emory University School of Medicine

2015 Uppergate Dr. NE
Atlanta , GA 30322

Room: ECC Building
Main Phone: 404-727-5569
E-mail: jlollar@emory.edu

Areas of Interest/Research:
Dr. Lollar is Director of Hemostasis Research, Professor of Pediatrics, and Hemophilia of Georgia, Inc. Chair in Hemostasis. He has directed a research team for over 20 years with the goals of obtaining a better understanding of basic mechanisms of hemostasis and improving treatment for patients with hemophilia, and is currently funded by 2 NIH R01s. Inhibitory antibodies to factor VIII, the protein that is missing in hemophilia, lead to serious bleeding problems in hemophiliacs. Dr. Lollar's group is characterizing the regions of the factor VIII molecule to which these inhibitors bind. They have developed a recombinant porcine factor VIII product with reduced antigenicity with respect to inhibitors that recently completed testing in a phase 2 clinical trial. The team is attempting to modify antigenic regions of factor VIII to produce a less immunogenic factor VIII, i.e., a molecule that is less likely to lead to the development of inhibitors. Additionally, Dr. Lollar is pursuing methods to increase the synthesis of factor VIII, which may be applicable to the problem of developing gene therapy for patients with hemophilia A.

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Updated: 06/19/2013