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*Speed Type (Background Check/Drug Screen)– Speed Type should not be grant funded
Does this position require significant (i.e., >30 days annually) work outside of the United States other than that solely related to attending conferences? Yes   No     If so, in what country(ies)?  
Will the person hired for this position have responsibility for hiring U.S. employees, local country nationals or third country nationals to work outside of the United States? Yes  No

Health and Safety Questions

Does this position involve supervising other employees? 
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Will this position work for Emory Healthcare, the Schools of Medicine, Public Health, or Nursing, Yerkes, or the Psychological, Counseling or Student Health Centers AND do research that involves studying people or using information that identifies them? 
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Does this position involve animal contact - Division of Animal Resources (DAR) or laboratory work with lab animals? 
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Does this position work in a laboratory? 
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Does this position involve work in a biosafety level 3 laboratory? 
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Does this position involve clinical patient contact? 
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Does this position involve radioactive materials and/or radiation devices? 
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Does this position involve working with human blood, body fluids, tissues, cells, or other potentially infectious materials? 
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Does this position involve working with nonhuman primates (nhp), nhp tissue, body fluids or equipment contaminated by nph? 
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Does this position involve work with animals deliberately given infectious agents and/or involve work above animal biosafety level 1? 
 Yes  No 

Does this position involve working with patient information? 
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Does this position involve shipping infectious agents or biological materials? 
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Does this position involve working with a Class 3B or 4 laser? 
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Will this employee be performing work where respiratory protection will be required? 
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Does this position involve potential exposure to hazardous chemicals but work outside the laboratory? 
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Will this employee need unescorted access to an irradiator? 
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