Staff Award of Excellence

Who Is Eligible:

The Department of Pediatrics and Pediatric Institute Staff Awards of Excellence are intended to recognize exemplary service by full and part-time regular staff members who are employed by the department or Institute for at least 1 year.

Award Criteria:

  • Employees may be nominated in multiple categories
  • Nominations may be initiated by a Supervisor, faculty, other staff members, or direct reports.  Self-nomination is also encouraged.
  • Nominees must be in good-standing with the department

Required Documentation:

  • Nomination material should consist of a nomination form and documentation to support the nomination

Selection Process:

The selection committee is comprised of the Department Chair (or designee), Division Administrator (or designee) and selected members of the department.


Nominations are due April 23, 2018 and awards will be announced May 2, 2018.

Committee Rules:

All Nominations will be reviewed by committee members, before final confirmation the committee with confirm with Human Resources, Department Chair and/or Supervisor that nominee is in good standing with the department.

Nomination submissions must be received no later than April 23, 2018. Nominations received in Human Resources after 5pm on the deadline date will not be considered.

Nomination Category Criteria

Click on the Award Category Name in order to access the nomination form.

Bright Idea/Innovation Award

Honoring the creative problem solver; Develop new or improve processes, methods, system or service and/or encourage others to do the same

The Bright Idea/Innovation Award category is for an individual who:

  • Develop innovative solutions to business challenges; came up with creative, new ways of doing things
  • Break down boundaries and/or create new relationships to improve the way work gets done
  • Converted ideas from general concepts into action plan; moved from ideas to implementation

Unsung Hero Award

Working behind the scenes

The Unsung Hero Award category is for an individual who:

  • Consistently provide high quality, reliable and critical work that, if undone, would halt highly visible operations
  • Demonstrate a steady willingness to improve work situations and does so without prompting or fanfare

STAR Award (Service, Teamwork, Attitude, Reliability)

Consistently excel in his/her position, promotes positive morale through actions of good spirit

The STAR Award category is for an individual who:

  • Service – provide outstanding customer service to students, faculty, other staff members; acts in a humanitarian way by “doing the right thing” for another person or group
  • Teamwork – Develops and encourages cooperation and collaboration while displaying outstanding group effort.  Consistently offers support, assistance and encouragement to co-workers without being asked to do so; foster community by building bridges for individuals to come together; seeks opportunities to share valuable resources
  • Attitude – Consistently demonstrates patience, good humor and enthusiasm while on the job.  Demonstrates excellence in resolving conflicts and/or facing challenges
  • Reliability – Provides prompt, efficient and reliable service.  Dependable and trustworthy and instills in his/her co-workers a sense of responsibility and dedication to the department

GEM Award – “Going the Extra Mile”

Going above and beyond the call of duty in a particular situation; modeling superior service

The GEM Award category is for an individual who:

  • Sacrificed time and energy for the good of their division or department in a specific area or event
  • Readily available to take on additional assignments that are at times not a part of their job responsibilities­
  • Provide a unique level of service that fosters business relationships/further enhances reputation

Healthy Living Promoter Award

Encourages/Promotes healthy practices

The Healthy Living Promoter Award category is for an individual who:

  • Advocate of Healthy Lifestyle Choices i.e. eating habits, exercise, mental stability, preventive care, education
  • Sharing Healthy Living Tips with Co-workers, Department
  • Demonstrate a consistent positive attitude; overall morale
  • Organize/Encourage Healthy Alternative i.e. use of steps, walking groups, fitness challenges, increased water consumption