Research Team

  • Anne M. Fitzpatrick, PhD, MSCR, APRN

    Dr. Anne Fitzpatrick is a certified pediatric nurse practitioner with a broad background in clinical and translational pediatric asthma research. Her research program is focused on the clinical and molecular features of children with asthma, with special emphasis on children with severe asthma refractory to standard treatment. She is currently funded by a variety of NIH grants and serves as a Principal Investigator in the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute’s AsthmaNet Clinical Trials Network and the Severe Asthma Research Program.
  • Sheena D. Brown, PhD, MSCR

    Dr. Sheena D. Brown is currently a post-doctoral fellow within the Asthma Clinical Research Program and serves as Co-Principal Investigator on a study that examines the role of diet in childhood asthma. In her current role, Dr. Brown specializes in study design, subject recruitment, study coordination, and performing both clinical and laboratory study procedures. She received her Ph.D. in Molecular and Systems Pharmacology and her M.S. in Clinical Research, has authored numerous scientific articles, and brings over 7 years of research experience to the group.
  • Denise Whitlock, CRT, CCRC

    Denise is the Lead Coordinator for the Emory University Pediatric Asthma Clinical Research Program. Her specialties are recruiting, coordinating, and performing study procedures. She is also a certified respiratory therapist for 24 years, and has with a strong clinical background, working in pediatrics for over 10 years.
  • Jennifer Dodds, PhD, CRC
    Lead Coordinator for the APRIL-OCELOT and INFANT-AVICA studies. Jennifer joined the Asthma Clinical Research Program in May of 2012. She has a PhD in Immunology and over 15 years of research experience.
  • Shaneka Douglas, BS, CRC

    Shaneka is a clinical research coordinator for the Emory University Pediatric Asthma Clinical Research Program. She has worked in the Allergy and Asthma field for 8 years and has been a coordinator for 2 years. She recruits and coordinates research/administrative procedures for the successful management of clinical trials; while maintaining a high level of knowledge on specific protocols.
  • Susan T. Stephenson, PhD,

    Susan is the Senior Research Specialist for Emory’s Severe Asthma Research Program. She oversees the daily functions of Dr. Fitzpatrick’s research laboratory. She has authored multiple scientific papers and brings over 15 years of laboratory experience to the research team.
  • Hongyan Qu, DVM, M.S

    Hongyan is a Lead Research Specialist for the Emory University Pediatric Asthma Clinical Research Program. She has over 6 years of experience with laboratory research methods. Her current projects are focused on the discovery of new biomarkers in children with asthma across the age spectrum.