(A research study for non-smoking adults, with a diagnosis of Asthma, ages 18 and over)

VIDA- Vitamin D add-on therapy enhances corticosteroid responsiveness in Asthma

This study is trying to find out if taking Vitamin D in addition to a standard asthma medication (Alvesco) will prevent the worsening of asthma symptoms and/or attacks.

During the study, there are several procedures: questionnaires, physical exams, allergy skin test, pigmentation skin test, urine tests, blood tests, and breathing tests. Participants will be given a device to perform daily peak flows, and will be asked to keep a diary.

Participation in this study will require up to 10 study visits and 2 study telephone calls over about 9 months. The visits will last about 1 to 2½ hours. The telephone calls will last less than 15 minutes each.

Eligible participants will receive free asthma medications, study test procedures, physical exams, and monetary compensation for each completed study visit.

If you or someone you know is interested in learning more about the VIDA study, please contact Shaneka Douglas 404-727-7687 or Shaneka’s email(