Promotions and Appointments

Department of Pediatrics (DOP) Senior Faculty Promotions and Appointments

    The School of Medicine has approved new promotion guidelines effective 9/1/2017, for details go to:

Promotions effective 9/1/2019 are in process, the next cycle begins in January 2019 for promotions effective 9/1/2020.

Department of Pediatrics Senior Promotions Process:
  • Potential promotion candidates (those being considered for promotion to Associate Professor or Professor) are identified in January each year by the Division Director or individual faculty member (potential candidates must have their Division Director’s support).
  • Once identified, potential candidates will receive specific instructions and deadlines from the DOP Faculty Development Office.
    • Potential candidates submit their School of Medicine formatted CV (template below) and Self-Assessment (see “Determining Promotion Readiness”).
    • CV and self-assessment are reviewed by the Department’s Appointments and Promotions Committee. Candidates receive recommendations on moving forward or not, as well as suggestions on preparing documents, areas to highlight and emphasize, if the committee recommends moving forward with promotion proposal.
    • Candidates reviewed and approved to move forward by the DOP Appointments and Promotions Committee will receive detailed information, document templates, instructions, and Department of Pediatrics timeline for submission of their promotion dossier.
Determining promotion readiness: School of Medicine Standard Templates required for all promotion documents, and samples – CV, Teaching Portfolio, Service Portfolio, Personal Statement, and Information for Selecting Evaluators:

Department of Pediatrics Appointments and Promotions Committee Members:
Dr. Ira Adams-Chapman Neonatology
Dr. Larry Anderson Infectious Disease
Dr. Frank Berkowitz General Pediatrics
Dr. Lou Ann Brown Neonatology
Dr. James Fortenberry Critical Care Medicine
Dr. Robert Geller General Pediatrics
Dr. David Jaquess Marcus Center
Dr. Peter Lane Hematology/Oncology
Dr. David Lloyd General Pediatrics
Dr. Jan Mead Biochemical Pharmacology
Dr. John Parks Endocrinology
Dr. Robert Pettignano General Pediatrics
Dr. Ritu Sachdeva Pediatric Cardiology
Dr. Dmitry Shayakhmetov Rheumatology
Dr. Harold "Hal" Simon Emergency Medicine