Guidelines for a Division's Mentoring Program

The goal of the mentee/mentor relationship is to help the mentee succeed in all aspects of their academic careers.
  1. The division director encourages all new faculty and existing faculty, at the assistant professor level or below, to identify a mentor
  2. The mentee is responsible for identifying a mentor. The division director can be a resource to help identify potential mentors.
  3. The mentee notifies the division director that he/she has a mentor and who the mentor is.
  4. The division director encourages the mentee/mentor to use the mentoring agreement and mentoring worksheet in establishing the relationship and the Mentoring Web site as an additional resource.
  5. The mentee and mentor meet, discuss the mentee’s needs, concerns, etc. and identify action items such as identifying other faculty members that can better meet some mentoring needs, plans for meeting requirements for future promotion, and plans for future meetings.
  6. The division director tracks individual mentee/mentor relationships during annual reviews and completes the division mentor tracking document below.
Academic year reporting:
Faculty member Rank Menter to Menter of Menter Agreemt signed # of mtgs

*Note: Data to be compiled by Division director and reported to the Department and mentoring committee annually.