Message from the department chair

Through the dedication and hard work of our faculty and staff, we have become an outstanding Department. You, our faculty and staff, are a precious and valued resource. We are committed to continually improve your work environment and to help you succeed in taking care of our patients and advancing your clinical, teaching, and/or research careers.

Mentoring is an important part of on-going lifelong career development. For this reason, we have established the Mentoring Committee to identify ways we can best facilitate mentoring in the Department of Pediatrics. This new Mentoring Website will serve as a portal of useful tools to help the mentor and mentee be most effective in this important relationship. We will continue to expand information on this web site and develop other mentoring related programs. We welcome your thoughts and suggestions about this important program and look forward to you developing extremely valuable mentor and mentee relationships as you continue to flourish in your academic careers.

Lucky Jain, MD, MBA
Richard W. Blumberg Professor
Chair of the Department of Pediatrics

Note: Additional mentoring resources are available on the Department of Medicine’s Web site:

We gratefully acknowledge Emory University Department of Medicine for providing us with resources and guidance for developing this mentoring site.