Teaching Mentor Program

Teaching Mentor Program (printable sheet)

The purpose of the Teaching Mentorship program is to provide personalized guidance in a variety of teaching activities for interested faculty members. Each mentee may choose from available Teaching Mentors and create their own learning plan to improve teaching skills. These activities may include personal coaching and feedback on lecture development and delivery, precepting and review of feedback from learners. Please note that this program pertains only to teaching and does not replace career mentorship. (Please refer to the Department page on Mentoring)

This is a partnership. Mentees should first contact Denise Jacobson (denise.jacobson@emoryhealthcare.org) to arrange for a teaching mentor. Potential Teaching Mentors include (but is not limited to) members of the Teaching Sub-Committee of the Faculty Development Committee as well as past winners of Teaching awards in the School of Medicine. Every attempt will be made to provide a mentor who can best meet the needs of the mentee. The indentified mentor will confirm their availability and contact the faculty to arrange a meeting to discuss goals and expectations. Each pairing will vary depending on the needs of the mentee and the expertise of the mentor. Once there is agreement on goals and objectives the mentorship will begin by planning a strategy for achieving those objectives. Meetings will take place on an agreed upon interval with regular opportunities for feedback and analysis. Each mentorship will last approximately 6-12 months.

At the end of the mentorship each individual will be asked to provide feedback on the program and attainment of goals and objectives defined at the beginning. The program will be supervised by the Chair of the Teaching Sub-Committee