Department of Pediatrics Digital Library FAQs

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1. Why? How will creating these digital lessons help me and my division?

There are a number of objectives and tangible benefits to this project for faculty, divisions and the Department of pediatrics:
  1. For your faculty. This is a relatively easy way to convert your knowledge and past teaching efforts into educational scholarship which will contribute towards academic promotion. It’s as simple as taking a dozen slides from a lecture and narrating them as if you were giving a phone consultation or bedside lecture. It can take as little as 1 hour to record a typical 5 minute lesson. Furthermore, this new skill can be used for a variety of other uses in addition to lessons in medicine.
  2. For your learners. This library of lessons in pediatrics will help educate students, residents, fellows and referring physicians and save the faculty time and effort addressing common questions. Having a local specialist identified with these lessons (as opposed to currently available on-line lessons from outside faculty at other centers) enhances the credibility of these lessons and the connection with referring physicians
  3. For your Division. Try searching a medical question on line on a topic in your field. What do you find? Educational material from medical centers around the country, except our own. Our digital profile is poor. This is one of the most cost effective forms of public relations you will every find. The cost of the application is just $2.99 and the time investment is a matter of hours for each lesson. The impact of improving your division’s reputation if obvious – improved recruitment of faculty, fellows and referrals. An internet presence is now essential in medicine today. This is an easy way to get started.

2. Who should create these recordings? (What medical expertise is required?)

All you need is a tablet – Apple or Android. This is an easy way to promote each member of your faculty. Since we are starting with common, specific and practical questions this should be easy for all members of your division. Ideally each clinical attending and fellow will create at least one. For those who either lack a tablet or feel too uncomfortable with making a lesson there is another approach – partner with a colleague and have them simply conduct an interview. The key is picking a focused topic/question that is easy for the author to answer. If you can create PowerPointTM slides you can make a recording.

3. How do I choose a topic?

Pick a specific question or topic that comes up frequently. Choose something you could answer without preparation. The easiest way to get started is to use slides you have already prepared. A list of suggested topics is provided. Once you choose the topic please register the topic through the department website so that others won’t duplicate your efforts.

4. Why use Explain EverythingTM?

Posting slides without audio has a limited impact. There are many products that perform similar functions, i.e. screen capture. This software is recommended by Emory’s Center for Digital Scholarship because of its ease of use and potential for creative multimedia presentations.

5. How do I get started? What kind of support will I receive?

There will be multiple ways to get help creating your lesson. There are a number of on-line demonstrations on how to use this software. Please refer to the Digital Lesson Tip sheet for step by step instructions. In addition, we will be holding lunchtime workshops this spring to help anyone who needs it.

6. What about quality assurance and liability concerns?

None of the lessons will be posted until they pass a 3 step review process. First – each author must get the approval of a faculty reviewer to certify that the content is accurate and consistent with institutional guidelines. Second – the lesson is reviewed for style by members of the Teaching Committee who will add a Risk Management approved disclaimer. Last – the recording must be reviewed by the Division Chief. Only after that step will the recording be posted on Department websites. Division Chiefs will be asked to review their recordings annually to make sure they are up to date. None of the recordings will become public until a sufficient number of recordings have been made to comprise a digital library (minimum 50 recordings)

7. What is the relationship between the competition and the library?

The competition is one of the ways we are jump starting this project. The plan is to continue adding lessons to the library. We hope the competition becomes an annual event.

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