Program Administration

Program Director
Susie Buchter, M.D.

Associate Program Director
David Wolf, M.D., Ph.D.
Rebecca Sanders, M.D., Ph.D.
Melissa Adams, M.D.

Assistant Program Directors
Jasmine Weiss, M.D.
Anne Kimball, M.D.

Program Coordinator
Jacqueline E. Riley

Program Secretary
Vanita Welcome

Contact Information:
49 Jesse Hill Jr. Dr., S.E.
Atlanta, Georgia 30303
Fax #: 404-778-1401
Email Address:

From left to right: Associate Program Director David Wolf, M.D., Ph.D. Program Director Susie Buchter, M.D., Associate Program Director Melissa Adams, M.D., and Associate Program Director Rebecca Sanders, M.D., Ph.D."

Dr. Buchter has served as Program Director since 1992 and has shepherded the program through 3 RRC accreditation visits and the implementation of Duty Hours, the Competencies, and the Milestones. She is an attending neonatologist in both the Grady and Egleston NICUs. Hear more from Dr. Buchter Click here.

Dr. Wolf is an attending physician of Pediatric Neurology, seeing children in both inpatient and outpatient settings. He serves as director of the pediatric neurology rotation as well.

Dr. Adams does primary care at Hughes Spalding including supervising our residents in their continuity clinic. She also works with our residents during their community rotation.

Dr. Sanders is a pediatric hospitalist at both Egleston and Hughes Spaulding. She also runs the "Residents as Teachers" lecture series.

There are two Assistant Program Directors who spend a year after completion of their residency training leading the residents. Click here to meet them and learn more.